A. At Home Pet Euthanasia Services

To set-up a euthanasia appointment please text or call Dr. Sara's office at 530-306-5823 from 8am-5pm to request/reserve your preferred appointment date and time. It is best to schedule your appointment a few days in advance if possible. But, we fully understand that emergencies do happen.  When you call or text, please provide us with your address, phone number, your dog/cat's approximate weight and description, and at least two requested euthanasia dates and times.  Most pets, in our service area, cost $325 to $350 to help pass peacefully.

Menu of Services & Pricing

OPEN: 8am-5pm: Wed, Thurs, Fri & Sat.  Sunday: emergencies only (if available). Closed Mon & Tues.  Call or text 530-306-5823 to leave a message 7 days a week or to request an appointment. 

At home euthanasia appointments offered at 10am, 1pm and 3pm.  Phone consults offered at  8:15am.

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"I'm really glad that we spoke with Dr. Sara.  She answered all of our questions in a professional and caring manner.   Not only was she very knowledgeable, but she explained things to us in terms we could understand over the phone."

Thank you for considering Passing With Dignity to assist you and your pet during these difficult times.   Dr. Sara has developed a  3-part system tailored to meet your specific needs.   Your cost is determined by 1) the one-way driving distance to your home (House Call),  2) the weight of your pet (Sedation & Euthanasia medications), and 3) any optional after-care services that you desire (e.g. Cremation services, paw print, etc).  See Sections A & B (below). 

Serving Folsom, El Dorado Hills, Cameron Park, Shingle Springs, Rescue, Placerville, Camino, Diamond Springs, El Dorado, Lotus, Coloma and Pilot Hill.  

*  A $50 non-refundable reservation fee will be charged at the time of appointment booking.  The remainder will be changed the day of your appointment.   If you need to postpone your appointment, we will apply the $50 reservation fee to one future appointment booked and completed within 30 days of your original appointment provided you contact us at least 48 hours in advance of your scheduled appointment.  Thereafter, the $50 reservation fee is forfeited.  Appointments cancelled or postponed on the same day of the appointment, or if the attendee(s) refuse to wear a medical-grade mask or provide proof of vaccination, or if the pet is fractious or aggressive, will will forfeit the reservation fee and all appointment fees.  See Section A above.

Passing with Dignity

At Home Euthanasia

Cremation and Burial

Phone Consultations

C. Phone Consults, At Home Consults, and Prescriptions (Rx)

If you would like to discuss your pet's quality of life, pain management or the possible euthanasia of your pet, Dr. Sara would be glad to set up a phone consultation or an at home consultation with you on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  Phone consults with Dr. Sara are available at 8:15am for up to 45 minutes.  The cost is $65.   At home (mobile) consults are available at 10am, 1pm and 3pm  for $250 plus the mileage-based house call fee listed in Section A1 above.  

Note:  Prior to booking an appointment for an aggressive, reactive or fractious pet, a phone consult ($65) is required and (most likely) pre-sedation medications.  Please let Dr. Sara know in advance if your pet does not do well at veterinary appointments so that we may discuss appropriate safety measures with you.  If Dr Sara arrives at your house to find an aggressive, reactive or fractious pet you will be charged the full appointment fee and she will leave (pre-euthanasia) for her own safety.  Thank you!

Many clients  find these discussions very useful in helping them to determine the right course of action for their pet.  Dr Sara's consult services are completely optional, less aggressive/reactive/fractious pets, and is not required prior to setting up a euthanasia appointment.   See section A above. 

To set-up a phone or at home consultation please text or call Dr. Sara at 530-306-5823 to reserve your preferred date and time.  If you get Dr. Sara's voice mail, please leave your name, address, phone number and mention your phone or in-home consultation request.  We'll do our best to get back to you within a few hours to confirm your consultation date/time.  Thank you!

B. Cremation/Aquamation and Paw Print Services

It is important to consider "in advance" how you would like to take care of your pet’s remains post euthanasia. There are generally three options: home burial, communal cremation or private cremation. Home burial would be up to you and in accordance with your local, county, city and HOA rules. Per Country guidance, home burial requires that your pet is buried at least 4 feet deep and 200 feet from any water source (e.g. well, creek, stream, lake, pond, seasonal waterway, etc). We also recommend putting a good layer of rocks on top of the self-burial site to prevent other animals from digging up your pet. Please check into your local laws as there may be additional self-burial requirements.

As an alternative to home burial, Passing With Dignity offers both communal and private cremation services using the industry's latest water-based aquamation method. Aquamation is cleaner, greener and gentler on your pet than flame-based cremation. Through negotiated agreements with our partners, aquamation is now the same price as flame-based cremation.

1.     Communal cremation: Your pet is cremated with other pets. Their remains are respectfully spread in the Sierra foothills by our partner's trusted staff. This is a very acceptable and cost effective alternative to home burial (above). Please pre-arrange for communal cremation with Dr. Sara as she will need to transport your pet for cremation after euthanasia. Pet transport fees are included in the figures below. Note: Communal cremation does not return your pet's remains to you but they are spread in a very pleasant environment by our partner's trusted staff.

  • Communal cremation < 50 lbs:                    $125.00
  • Communal cremation 50-99 lbs:                $150.00
  • Communal cremation 100-125 lbs:          $175.00
  • Communal cremation 126-150 lbs:          $225.00

2.     Private cremation: Your pet is individually cremated. Their remains are carefully gathered and placed in a beautiful rosewood chest and returned to your home via UPS Signature Service with a personalized memorial card and authenticated certificate of cremation, usually within 3 weeks of euthanasia. Plus, for a limited time, you will receive a FREE laser-etched paw print of your pet's paw. Please prearrange for private cremation with Dr. Sara as she will need to transport your pet for cremation after euthanasia. UPS Signature Service home delivery and pet transport fees are included in the figures below. FREE paw print included ($50 Value).

  • Private cremation < 50 lbs:                    $250.00
  • Private cremation 50-99 lbs:                $325.00   
  • Private cremation 100-125 lbs:          $400.00 
  • Private cremation  126-150 lbs:         $475.00


4.  Paw print services:   If your pet is cremated via communal or private aquamation you can purchase a paw print (or extra paw prints) for family members.  Your pet's paw is scanned into our partner's advanced imaging system and then laser-etched onto an alderwood chip with your pet's name.  Please let Dr. Sara know how many paw prints you would like in advance so that she can prearrange for this service. 


  • Laser-etched alderwood paw print:     $50.00

1.  House Call (includes personal, private and caring Doctor visit to your home):

  • up to 15 miles (one-way)                         $75.00   - Covers  most service areas. 
  • 16-20 miles                                                   +$25.00   - Extended service area.
  • > 20 miles or > 25 mins (1 way)           Outside service area.  Sorry.

2.  Sedation & Euthanasia (includes high-quality medications):

  • Cat/Dog  up to 49 lbs:                 $250.00    Note:  Please provide Dr. Sara
  • Dog 50-99 lbs:                                 $275.00    with the accurate weight of your
  • Large dog 100-125 lbs:              $300.00    pet as this determines the amount
  • Very large dog 126-150 lbs:    $350.00    of sedation used for their comfort
  • Extremely large dog >150 lbs:  Pls call     and peaceful passing.


3.  Additional:

  • PPE and credit card processing fee:                                           Waived
  • Same work day emergency (if available):                                 $50.00
  • Holiday/Sunday/Day Off emergency (if available):         $100.00
  • Same day appointment cancel/postpone:                        Full appt fee*

IMPORTANT:  If you live on a gravel/dirt/snow road, please let Dr. Sara know  in advance as she normally drives a rather low-clearance car.  She does have access to a truck if known in advance.  If Dr Sara drives her car and encounters a gravel/dirt/snow road which is not reasonably passable, or someone refuses to abide by her Coronavirus Policy (see Home page), or your pet is aggressive (growls), reactive, or fractious, she will return to the office and you will FORFEIT THE RESERVATION FEE AND FULL APPOINTMENT FEES (1, 2 & 3 above).  Please let us know in advance if any of the above items apply.  We are just trying to keep everyone SAFE.