Open 8am-5pm: Thur, Fri, Sat, Sun, & Monday  (Closed Tues & Wed). Call or text: 530-306-5823

At home euthanasia appointments offered at 10am, 1pm and 3pm (Thursday-Monday).  Phone consults offered at 8:15am.

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Note:  It's always best to contact Dr. Sara's office a few days in advance of your preferred appointment date/time.   That reduces the amount of stress on you and your pet minimizing the need for an emergency call.

Passing with Dignity

Passing With Dignity

Dr. Sara Nadolski, DVM, CVA

Cell:  530-306-5823 (cell/text)

To schedule a phone or at home consultation with Dr. Sara, please click on the Services tab (left side) and see the Phone and At Home Consultation section (bottom).  Thank you!

Euthanasia Article or Scheduling Request Form

To schedule your pet's peaceful passing or to request Dr. Sara's free "Euthanasia, when will I know it is time?" article, you may either text or call Dr. Sara at 530-306-5823 from 8am to 5pm  (closed Tues & Wed, less emergencies).  For article requests, please provide Dr. Sara with your email address.   Thank you!

For a euthanasia request, please be prepared to provide your physical address, phone number, your dog/cat's approximate weight, and at least two requested euthanasia dates and times.  If you get Dr. Sara's voice mail, please leave her a message.  Her staff (or Dr. Sara) will try to get back to you within the hour, if not sooner.  Please click on the Services tab for more information and pricing.