Dr Sara uses a 2-step euthanasia process to ensure a peaceful passing for your pet.  The first step involves an initial shot, with a very small needle, that includes two sedation medications and a pain medication.  This shot is administered (usually) in the pet's shoulder area just under the skin (i.e. Sub Q).  Pets usually don't feel this first shot at all, unless they are very skinny and/or small, especially if you are feeding them treats.  A few minutes later your pet will start feeling "really good" while you continue to love on them, talk to them, and massage the area where the first shot was administered.  Around 10-12 minutes later your pet's head will gently go down on their blanket/bed, their tongue may come out as they are so relaxed, and they might even start to snore as they are feeling so good.  At this point, your pet will be fully sedated (i.e. asleep) and very comfy.

Then, Dr Sara will usually shave some fur off their back leg and/or front leg to find a suitable vein.  She will give your pet the 2nd shot (IV), which they will not feel, as they are fully anesthetized (i.e. sedated).  This is the euthanasia solution.   Your pet will gently drift away and pass very peacefully in the next few minutes with you by their side.

At that point, the doctor will take her equipment back to her car and give you some time with your pet.  If you want your pet to be privately or communally cremated, she will  return with a very nice pet stretcher to transport your pet.  With your help, your pet will placed onto the pet stretcher and carried back to her vehicle.  From there, your pet will be respectfully transported to the crematorium.  More via the Services/Pricing tab.   

If you have any questions about Dr Sara's 2-step  peaceful passing process, please give us a call or text us at 530-306-5823 or read her many Reviews.  Our best, Craig and Dr Sara

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Over 175 Five Star Reviews and 450 Likes/Faves!

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Over 175 Five Star Reviews and 450 Likes/Faves!

"Dr. Sara (as many call her) is one of the most caring veterinarians that I know.  Everything could not have gone smoother."

"Dr. Sara's gentle handling of Bailey made her last moments on Earth ones that I will never forget.    Thank you!"

"Jake's passing was amazingly peaceful thanks to Dr. Sara and Craig.   I had tears in my eyes and so did Dr.  Sara.  She is one of the most caring veterinarians that I have ever met!"


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About the Euthanasia Process

After the passing of my pets, it became clear to me that offering at home euthanasia services was not only kind but less stressful for you, your pet and the doctor.   No pet wants to visit the doctor's "office".    So, why make your pet's last memories less than perfect?    Below are some quotes from our clients.

"The care and comfort of your pet's passing matters to me as much as it matters to you!"